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Don't Move in Until You Read This

Posted on 17Mar 2011

Before moving in a new house, it is extremely important to check the house carefully. Some of the things you should examine are the repairs and renovations that were supposed to be done during the negotiation. If, however, it is your first time to see the house, then make note of the things that are in need of repair. Don't forget to check whether the utilities are working or not. Ceilings, walls and floors should not have cracks, damages or show signs of pests. As you inspect the house, you may plan how you can arrange your furniture in the space. This is the perfect time to figure out whether you need new pieces or furniture or throw away items that may not fit in your new home. For Dorms and Apartments Landlords usually give a listing of the appliances and furniture items they can provide such as the washing machine, fridge, stove and kitchen ware. Be sure to inspect them and note all their details. You should also ask what are the policies regarding the repairs of those gadgets. If you will be responsible for them, make sure you can contact a reputable handyman during emergencies. The mode of payment should be verified before signing up any contract. If the landlord prefers to collect the payment himself then agree on a suitable date and time. Ask everything you need to know and carefully read the conditions of the lease. If you are satisfied with the answers, you can start making arrangements for your move and finally sign the contract.

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