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  • Kayley W.
  • 17Jun 2024

Amazing service. Very professional and efficient. Perfect for those planning a large move.

  • Larry
  • 29May 2024

The moving team and the box delivery staff showed great professionalism, making the move a breeze.

  • Nina Clements
  • 16Mar 2024

Working with such dependable and capable movers made my move stress-free.

  • Silvia F.
  • 11Mar 2024

Our moving process was completed within 24 hours thanks to the movers' timely actions and exceptional level of professionalism.

  • Juan.
  • 28Feb 2024

The movers did a fantastic job on moving day, making it easy for me to give them an A+. They arrived promptly and delivered all my possessions without any issues.

  • Barbara Mills
  • 16Feb 2024

I am extremely satisfied with the job done by this top-rated moving company during my recent relocation. Their punctuality and attention to detail greatly contributed to a smooth move.

  • Elle Dillon
  • 11Feb 2024

I am blown away by this excellent service provider!My parcels were delivered without any problems and on time as expected.The people behind it all did a fantastic job.Highly recommended for their unbeatable prices and top-notch service.

  • Jenna Drayton
  • 06Feb 2024

Effective moving team - used to ensure an effective and timely move within the eclectic cityscape that is London.

  • Wayne K.
  • 01Feb 2024

We couldn't have been happier with our decision to use these services, as they went above and beyond in every aspect.

  • Dawn Nicco
  • 27Jan 2024

Choosing Storing for our move was one of the best decisions we made. Their team worked quickly and carefully to ensure everything went smoothly.

  • Peter Smith
  • 22Jan 2024

Thank you, movers, for your promptness, hard work, and proficiency. We truly appreciate it.

  • Billy S.
  • 11Dec 2023

Choosing Moving Company was the best decision we made for our move, they managed everything perfectly, on schedule and without causing any damage to our items.

  • George M
  • 26Jul 2023

Hiring [COMPANY] for garden care served to rejuvenate my garden. My garden not only looked better when they were done. It felt different just being in it too. It was a great service.

  • Alex
  • 11May 2023

Moving with help from Storage was a dream come true - they really exceeded my expectations in terms of service and care.

  • Mark Sutton
  • 28Feb 2023

Storing is an extraordinary moving company. Their rates are very low and the movers are some of the premier in their field.

  • L. Atherton
  • 28Jun 2017

Removals Storage offer great prices for office removals. You won't find a better company that will offer you quality service for an affordable price.

  • Carl Taylor
  • 21Apr 2016

I hired a removal van from Storage for some gardening work I wanted done in my new home. I was revamping the outside and wanted the freedom of a large vehicle to collect new garden supplies and furniture. This company provided a perfect van with a driver for a good price, which was fitted with the best GPS systems, and covered with all of the essential insurances.

  • Ian Burrows
  • 22Mar 2016

Removal Company saved my move by handling my furniture removals. I wasn't able to shift all of my furniture myself and was on a tight deadline to get it done. I was worried I wouldn't be able to do things on time but with the right help, everything went well. The team tackled my move with ease and got every piece of furniture moved swiftly, so my move was back on track. Five stars.

  • Charlotte N.
  • 10Feb 2016

When I needed a man with a van I gave Removal Company a call. Their website showed some really positive reviews and they gave me a good price. The van provided was picked especially for my needs, and the mover was really polite and got right down to business. I moved in less than half the time I'd been expecting and managed to pay much less than I'd thought as well!

  • Joe
  • 21Aug 2015

RemovalsandStorage made such a big difference to my moving day! I'd been planning to move using my own car, but I soon realised that this would have taken days to do! I hired a van from this company and got a great price for a really good vehicle. Their overwhelming selection of vans was fantastic, and their staff were very helpful. Thanks!

  • Samuel K.
  • 27May 2015

My firm was in desperate need of a larger building so a removal was in order. Everything went smoothly and the new property was purchased but we weren't ready for the move. We couldn't handle all the work needed to get things from one address to another so we looked to House Removals for help. Their team assisted us in every facet of the move, so that everything went smoothly. I was impressed with the work they did and they managed to get the move done without any problem. My staff got a great move thanks to them.

  • Suzanna I.
  • 15Jan 2015

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the whole team at RemovalsandStorage. From the customer service team who I spoke to for ages on the phone to the strong team of movers who cleared my house out and got everything safely to the next guys are all amazing and deserve a trophy for the excellent business you've established. You're a team of completely reliable, trustworthy and competent staff members who worked together really effectively. You're in my good books for life!

  • Judy Alwin
  • 24Nov 2014

I never knew so much work went into moving house and after leaving everything to the last minute I was frantically running around trying to find the right removal company, but there was always something missing with the services on offer or the prices were just too high. But when I finally contacted RemovalsandStorage I was offered a range of removal options and prices that I couldn't refuse! The move went smoothly and I couldn't have been happier with the level of customer service!

  • Mary Phillips
  • 12Nov 2014

I was getting on in years and decided to move to my holiday home overseas. I hired RemovalsandStorage as they had moved me before a few times. I had always been happy with the work and cost. This was a bigger challenge than before but not a problem to this great company. I was very happy and everything was delivered to my new apartment safely. The cost was reasonable and the service fantastic. I was kept up to date on the shipping and it all went well.

  • Kevin
  • 18Sep 2014

Moving is stressful, I cannot deny that. But it does help when you have a professional removals company on your side, willing to help you and support you from start to end. I think RemovalsandStorage has got to be one of the best removal companies I have had the pleasure to hire. When I have hired removal companies before, the movers are so lazy and idle. They arrive late and I am not happy when people cannot keep the time. The movers here are not lazy at all and never delay you. They are just great!

  • Tina S.
  • 10Sep 2014

I admit I have had a terrible experience with removal companies. RemovalsandStorage proved themselves to me and I am so over the moon to have found such a professional company to handle my removals. I regularly relocate to different offices and I was looking for ages to find a reputable and reliable removals company to hire for commercial removals. I have found one now and I recommend them to everyone.

  • Henry
  • 25Jul 2014

Thanks to the professional packers at RemovalsandStorage I didn't have to do half as much work for my house move! I work full-time and as a single parent with kids to pack for as well, I wanted to hire professional help. Even though I had quite a modest budget, this company was able to help me by providing me with professional packers who did an excellent job at sorting and packing up my house. This service has saved me so much time and stress and I couldn't be more grateful for what it a truly excellent removal service!

  • Sandra Rogers
  • 16Jul 2014

There is a lot to be said for having a really great removals team on your side during a domestic removal. I found that I was well indebted to RemovalsandStorage after they helped us a couple of months ago. When you are in the lead up to a large job like a move, you can find that it gets rather stressful at points, and with that comes a fair degree of panicking, which does not help anyone! I was pleased to find that I could get a good deal with them, and that they were great at calming me down, which was extremely necessary.

  • Billy Ranson
  • 11Jun 2014

I used RemovalsandStorage in a move from my family home to student accommodation. It was to move me out of a second floor one bedroomed flat into a three bedroomed house. The price I was quoted was very reasonable, and I found contacting the company beforehand quite easy, and always received detailed replies to emails/phone calls. As for the move itself, the removal men were friendly, speedy and efficient. I am really pleased with the service I received and would use this company again if needed, and would also recommend to others.

  • Carl Lee
  • 02Jun 2014

I would just like to say a how grateful I am to RemovalsandStorage for helping me move last week, they were very professional and helpful from start to finish and I could not have done this move this easily without them. I was particular surprised at how organised they are, they arrange everything and they know exactly how to do things in order of importance so that I could settle into my new home quickly, they do not leave the job until the customer is completely satisfied and that they can manage without them, this move was incredibly quick!

  • Anthony Tucker
  • 21May 2014

RemovalsandStorage treated me like a king! From the moment I rang them, they were at my service and dedicated to making my move as smooth and simple as possible - or, at least, it felt that way! They constantly kept me abreast of developments and worked tirelessly to ensure I was satisfied - they even worked on a Sunday and a Bank Holiday, which was absolutely vital for my move and no other firm (which I could find) would even consider doing! They really are lovely people at RemovalsandStorage and I hope more people have the pleasure of being served by them.

  • Jane Marsden
  • 13May 2014

Moving is a terrible chore for me, in my opinion, which is why every time I need to move, I hire RemovalsandStorage, a removals company recommended to me by one of my dear friends. Therefore, if you need help with your move, make sure you give this company a try and I promise you will not be disappointed with them. For many years now, this company have been providing me with the best quality removal services and I do not know where I would be without them. They have made my life far easier and I simply cannot thank them enough! Thanks!!!

  • Harold Wallace
  • 08May 2014

Whilst it was annoying to have to move twice over the last year for health reasons, it was great to have the chance to use RemovalsandStorage again. They really are the best removals company I have ever used. Everything felt like it was easy with them, and because they kept us in the loop about everything, we all felt really comfortable with how it all went, from the planning to the unloading. The staff are lovely, and we enjoyed having them around to help out, which of course made everything much more relaxed in general. Thanks so much to all there!

  • Wanda Lee
  • 29Apr 2014

If you're looking for a great moving experience, then I would like to suggest hiring RemovalsandStorage. They recently came and helped me move home and I must say that I was entirely happy with every aspect of the service. I believe myself to be a fussy and picky person in some regards, but they were able to not only meet my expectations, but to exceed them at the same time. A really great service all around, it now becomes incredibly clear as to why just so many people are always recommending them to those who are moving home.

  • Kimberly Rhodes
  • 16Apr 2014

In the event that I have to move again any time soon, and I hope it does not happen, I will be happy to use RemovalsandStorage. On the move last month, they were very good in helping me to pack carefully, and ensuring that nothing got lost or broken whilst between the properties, which was a long drive! Everything arrived happily, and I was suitably impressed with how easy it was to get on with the whole removals team throughout the move. With this kind of job at a very good price, I was extremely happy over all. Thanks to all there who helped us out, we'll be back!

  • Victoria
  • 03Apr 2014

As an older lady I was very worried about moving house. I have lots of furniture and, as I was moving into an unfurnished place, I was taking all of my heavy furniture with me! I knew I wouldn't be able to lift any of it, let alone carry it without hurting myself, so I contacted RemovalsandStorage to see if they could help me. A friend of mine had recently moved using their services and was very pleased with them, so I thought I'd give them a try. The lady over the phone helped me to decide what services I needed and then selected the right removal van too. I was a bit nervous on moving day, but the movers were efficient and treated all of my belongings with great care. I was very impressed, and though I hopefully won't be moving again anytime soon, I'd definitely call this company for their help!

  • Sylvia Wood
  • 27Mar 2014

My husband and I were moving to another area and downsizing too, so we had a lot to sort out. There was a lot of our possession first being moved in to storage, then the remainder going to our new bungalow 200 miles away. I was dreading the move as there was a lot to do, but I needn't have worried as my brother told me about RemovalsandStorage and what a help they were. They were worth every penny, they literally organized everything. Everything got to the right place, safely and on time. Thanks I can‘t praise you enough.

  • Stephanie Miller
  • 19Mar 2014

Are you looking for the right removals company? If so, then you're pretty much where I was a few months ago. I was struggling to find the right company to help with a few specific items I was concerned about during my move, and no other company really came close to offering me the reassurance I needed. I was passed the details for RemovalsandStorage and from then on in I had the reassurance I needed. With their help, I found out that moving home is not the horror show I assumed it would be, and best of all, everything made it to my home healthily and efficiently.

  • Richard W.
  • 05Mar 2014

When it comes to moving home, one always expects the worst. It's just such a tedious procedure, packing everything up and praying that it doesn't get damaged. With that in mind, I was amazed at how much easier it all was once we had hired RemovalsandStorage. With their help, we managed to get moved into the new property in no time at all, and they kept everything stress free. I felt a bit guilty about the fact that they wouldn't let me lift a finger, but I saw how efficient they were and I assume I would only have slowed them down. Great price as well.

  • Eugene Martin
  • 28Feb 2014

It's been so long since we moved home that I'd forgotten how much upheaval there is. We must have been stashing bits and pieces in every single corner of the house and now I didn't even realise how much we own. It was only as I was seeing RemovalsandStorage put all of the boxes on the lorry that I realised just how many things we have accumulated over the years. Regardless of just how many things we have, the right team were there to make sure that all of our belongings were moved properly to the proper place in the proper manner.

  • Donna
  • 17Feb 2014

You really won't believe just how hard these guys work. We were so impressed with how the team from RemovalsandStorage went about our house clearance. The gentleman who came to our home initially to give us a quote was knowledgeable and friendly and really made the decision to go with these guys an easy one. From there we never looked back - our move went so smoothly and on the day we didn't have to lift a finger. All of the removal team were smartly dressed, polite and professional, keeping us calm as we watched them move all of our furniture with serious efficiency!

  • Gloria Martin
  • 06Feb 2014

I've moved a few times in recent years, for a few reasons, and we always come back to RemovalsandStorage. As experienced movers, we know what we like and what makes a difference to us and these guys know exactly what that is. I think we must be one of their best customers! We certainly recommend them to everyone we know who's moving, it just seems nice to spread the love. Every time we move, our stuff is treated with care and attention, making every move a piece of cake. When it comes to moving home, there's no better option out there.

  • Aaron Q.
  • 31Jan 2014

This is just a very small not to say a gigantic, “Thank you” to the removal crew of RemovalsandStorage who recently moved us. From our first dealings with the staff via telephone, to the packers who did not complain or take copious breaks while packing our large amount of items, to the eventual arrival of our movers who also had the same non-stop work ethics; there is no part of our appointment that could be faulted. Not one item was damaged or lost! For stamina and professionalism we give you all 5 stars; for price and services rendered; boy! The sky is the limit!

  • Christine
  • 26Jan 2014

I have a really big family which means I had a lot of packing to do when I was planning to move into my new home. I didn't realise how much stuff we'd all accumulated over the years and I was really worried about finding the time to pack it all! RemovalsandStorage provided me with the answer I needed with their fantastic packing service! They sent me round some really helpful and talented packers who were able to get my home all boxed up without any problems at all. I had the time to focus on the rest of my house move thanks to their help!

  • Rose P.
  • 21Jan 2014

Everyone kept telling me that I wouldn't be able to cope with moving into my new home without professional help and as the big day got nearer and nearer I began to believe them! I called RemovalsandStorage to see if they could help me out and they assured me that they definitely could. When it came to moving day I had a moving van and a team of experienced movers who gave me all the help I needed, whilst somehow managing to keep me calm as well! I just know my moving day would have been a disaster without this company and so I can't thank them enough!

  • Walter T.
  • 08Jan 2014

I was very happy with the way my recent removal went. It was mainly down to how hardworking the removals company that I used were. From the get go, RemovalsandStorage were involved in the planning and execution of the move, which mean that we were always in a good place with how the whole thing would progress. They are a nice set of people and I very much enjoyed working with them on the move. I am sure that they would do a similarly successful job on any other removals job as well.

  • Justin Allen
  • 03Jan 2014

Moving house is a nightmare for just about anybody. Whatever your move size is, no matter how far you are going, you should hire RemovalsandStorage. At risk of sounding over the top, they are by far the best removals company that I have used in my time, and I have moved house a few times myself! If you need great service for a great price, and a nice bunch of guys to boot, then you now know who to call! I'd like to extend my thanks to them personally, as I could not have done it all without them!

  • Janelle P.
  • 28Dec 2013

If you are looking for a great man and van company, I would definitely recommend RemovalsandStorage. I have used them multiple times for small moves and they have consistently delivered excellent quality service. They have provided packing and unloading service for me. They are expert wrappers and ensure that nothing is damaged during transportation. They can easily lift and carry heavy objects, like mattresses or furniture. They are always prompt, reliable and professional. I have used them many times in the past and I would definitely recommend them for any move, whether large or small. Thanks again team!

  • Fred Williams
  • 23Dec 2013

If you are looking for the right removal company, I highly recommend RemovalsandStorage. I used them multiple times in the past after continuous pleasant experiences. They have provided both small and large moves for me, including a simple apartment move to a long distance move. They have professional staff who are packing experts. They can pack up any living room in no time. They informed me about the stages in the removal process.

  • Bernard
  • 18Dec 2013

I send big compliments to RemovalsandStorage removal service. They provided a fantastic home removal for me with little notice. The company I booked with cancelled on such short notice and I was scrounging trying to find another company. The staff at RemovalsandStorage were able to meet my needs and they provided a great move under such short notice. They were professional at all times and really worked hard to ensure that the move out was completed on time. I was so stressed before the move, but the staff provided great advice and really made me feel comfortable.

  • Seth Evans
  • 05Dec 2013

When you are looking for a removals company, it can be difficult to know what you are letting yourself in for. With all of the different aspects of the move, there is a lot that can go wrong if your removals company are not up to standard, and with the high costs of a removal, it will sometimes be the case that you are paying a lot of money for the privilege of being messed about an having your things dropped! RemovalsandStorage were quite the opposite for us, and we now know that if we want to sidestep all of that guess work, then we can just use them!

  • R. Flemister
  • 30Nov 2013

I hope that those who require a little help with their removals will be able to get in touch with RemovalsandStorage before they go off with someone else. The firm are really hand on with the move, and like to be involved from the beginning, essentially making the whole process feel a lot easier from the start. I would not have known half of the organizational things that they showed me when planning it all out, and I was very grateful for their experience and knowledge. A real class act, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted company.

  • Madelaine Connery
  • 25Nov 2013

In all honesty, I was dreading having to move house. In fact, my excitement about the new place was completely undone by how terrifying the idea of getting everything that I owned put in to boxes and moved to the other side of the country! If you are looking to do the same, I highly recommend RemovalsandStorage for the job, as they made the whole things seem so quick, easy and ultimately simple! A top team, they made me feel relaxed about everything, and it all went perfectly! Top marks, ten out of ten!

  • Mark B.
  • 14Nov 2013

Had a great move with RemovalsandStorage past week, they were prompt and never failed to deliver the goods, though our move was a two day ordeal. There was no damage that I could see, and the team were very nice and polite. Hard graft is rare to see from people nowadays, but this lot had it in abundance. I would recommend them to anyone out there who is keen to get their move done with precision and skill, without sacrificing huge sums of money for it. Great value, great service, great move, thanks!

  • Ella Ferguson
  • 09Nov 2013

Happy to report that RemovalsandStorage made my life a lot easier throughout my recent move. They offered advice on packing supplies and things like that which was really helpful. The actual moving day was really easy as well, with a lot of tea being drunk and a few laughs, but the whole thing was done really quickly, which was great! I don't think a single thing was broken, and there was very little mess in the house after they had left, so a perfect removal all round really! I would recommend these lot highly to anyone that needed a mover.

  • Jacob Marsden
  • 04Nov 2013

I'm not really the type to praise people for just doing their job, especially when I've paid them to do it, but the boys from RemovalsandStorage really did go beyond the call of duty with my move. They were really helpful over the phone, with recommending storage places, and how to get cheaper packing stuff, which helped us out a lot. Given that there was so much to move, and some of it was really heavy, I was really surprised to see that nothing was broken when I unpacked as well, so the tam had done amazingly well. Nice one.

  • G. Walthorpe
  • 30Oct 2013

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the fantastic job that the removals team from RemovalsandStorage carried out recently. The guys were consummate professionals throughout, and gave us great peace of mind through this, as we felt that we could trust those in charge of our dearest possessions. In some ways, it is hard to know whether you are being duped by a veneer of pleasantries, but it turned out that this was not the case, as the move went by quickly, and nothing was broken, a great result for all involved really, a fantastic job, many thanks.

  • Cary S.
  • 25Oct 2013

I'd like to give five out of five, A*** to RemovalsandStorage for making our recent removal so easy and efficient! We were delighted by how relaxed and friendly the staff were, but also bowled over by how easy they made everything look! The move was quick, simple and nothing was damaged, which is more than I could have asked for from the move, especially as we were dreading it so much! A big thank you to every one there, and especially the team who helped us on our move day!

  • Gertrude Steiner
  • 18Oct 2013

I was very pleased by the results of the removal that I had RemovalsandStorage do for me. They were thorough in packing everything up, and even helped me get things in to storage. The pricing was fair it seemed, and I was pleased to part with the money as I was very much taken with the service that I got. I would recommend this lot to anyone who needed a great service with little hassle for a great price; the value was superb. Ten out of ten, full marks and all that, well done!

  • Robert F.
  • 13Oct 2013

Moving house was not quite the nightmare I had expected, and I think it may well have been down to our movers. I don't know why, but I think people presume a removals company to be rather lackadaisical with their items, but not these guys. When I'm next asked who I recommend to get a place moved properly, it will be RemovalsandStorage that I suggest, as their service was amazing.

  • Richard L.
  • 08Oct 2013

My company was expanding rapidly and we needed to move to a bigger office in Central London quickly, and outside of normal work hours to make sure that we didn't lose any valuable trading hours. RemovalsandStorage saw to all of that, and they were available at the time I wanted them, with a full complement of packing material, tools and manpower to get everything in the office packed up and moved quickly. We were in by the next morning and able to get on with our business without any disruptions, all thanks to the speedy and helpful removal service.

  • Mrs T. Bailey
  • 03Oct 2013

My husband and I selected RemovalsandStorage to help us move belongings to a holiday home in the south of France based on their excellent services and reviews. We knew that moving objects abroad was going to be challenging, but the firm's staff were highly experienced in this area, and ensured that we had gone through all the correct forms and papers to ensure that this could be done. It was a long way to take a van-full of furniture and other items, but the driver and accompanying movers were perfectly happy with this, and had the objects at our holiday property in excellent time. Simply perfect!

  • Ian Lambers
  • 28Sep 2013

I would recommend RemovalsandStorage to anyone looking to relocate. My particular move had promised to be pretty demanding and I had been concerned that nobody would be able to step up to the challenge, but these guys did. With several flights of stairs to contend with, it could have caused problems for any removals team. However, in this case everything was done smoothly and on time and there was no messing about at all. They also took particular care with my personal collectibles, which are very intrinsically valuable to me. Very happy customer indeed, and I will be using them again.

  • Adam Curran
  • 23Sep 2013

I have lived in the same house for 40 years until recently so I have always been quite smug that other people have had to deal with these removals companies and I haven't had to. However, now that the children have grown up we wanted to move to somewhere smaller so with a bit of trepidation I called Removals Storage. Now I would like to say thank you because whatever it was that I was worried about just didn't crop up. You made everything very simple and clear and got us quickly settled in and we couldn't be happier.

  • Cassandra M.
  • 14Sep 2013

Moving with Removals was such a good decision. They made the daunting process of home moving stress-free. Moving home really doesn't have to be difficult when you have the right removal company and Removals can provide all the services you need. I needed some particular packing support and transportation and they were able to customize their service to my needs. The job was completed in no time and I was quickly settled into my new house. They even ensured that I was comfortable after the move. I couldn't have received a better service.

  • Kim
  • 09Sep 2013

Working with Storage was the best move I made during my home move process. They have extremely high quality services for an affordable price. I had a lot to move and the process of packing seemed daunting. But their services were just fantastic in packing large objects and furniture. They ensured that my belongings weren't damaged during the process and they offered great advice about making the process quicker and cheaper. They are a fantastic service and all their staff members are friendly and professional. I recommend them for any move.

  • Katherine S
  • 04Sep 2013

I had hired so many bad removal companies in the past but I really needed this move to go right. I hired Removals Storage for my apartment move and they were able to execute the whole move smoothly. I couldn't believe how organized and professional they were. They worked with me to create a moving schedule that best accommodated my needs and they provided assistance and advice throughout the move. Calling Removals Storage was one of the best decisions I have made and I definitely recommend them.

  • Rachel
  • 30Aug 2013

Removals provided an excellent home move. I was really impressed with the dedication and expertise of the moving staff who were able to diligently pack up my belongings and get them loaded into the moving van. They worked with me from the moment I called them up to the final stages of the move to ensure that they were providing service I was satisfied with. I was really happy to be able to tell them exactly what I wanted, because they always delivered! I would definitely recommend Removals for any long or short distance home move.

  • G. Grimes
  • 22Aug 2013

I was starting up a new businesses and I needed all my furniture and supplies moved to the address. This would be done smothery thanks to Removals Storage. They did every task and chore for me, and did so to a high level. My belongings were taken care of and delivered to the right destination. They took the safety of my goods and the people carrying them very seriously, which negated any sort of risk. I was able to get my business up and going in no time because they did every moving chore perfectly.

  • Annabelle R.
  • 17Aug 2013

I had been going through some big changes in my life and so I wanted a new home to mach. With things being so hectic, I knew I couldn't handle things myself, even with the help of friends, so I called in RemovalsandStorage for assistance. They were able to handle every moving task so I could see to my own affairs. They hastily packed my things and had them moved to my new address. They allowed me to have a great move without any work or worry and I bet they can do the same for you.

  • Bryan L.
  • 12Aug 2013

Moving home has never been easy. I have done it a few times over the course of my life and each has been a challenge. However, when it came to my latest removal it went smoothly bascule I had the help of Storage. They were able to perform each job, from packing to transport, in no time and did everything cheerfully. They looked after me and my goods throughout the whole process to ensure it was easy. If I ever move again, I know I won't hesitate to call them.

  • John
  • 07Aug 2013

I had wanted to move home for a few years now but things kept getting in the way. When I finally had the chance to do so I leapt into action but soon realised I would not be able to complete it on time. That's when I called Removals. They were able to handle every task and chore so I was moved into my new home within just a couple of days. I would of never had managed it if it wasn't for them so I'm eternally grateful that they gave me the chance to relocate to a new home.

  • Jonas S.
  • 11Jul 2013

I had been awaiting my move for a long time so I wanted thing to go smoothly and be done in no time. I knew I couldn't do this alone so I called Removals. They assisted me in every way from information to services. Their skilled team arrived when I needed them, swiftly packed my things and had them at my home. Nothing went wrong and it was over in just one day. An excellent moving service that takes the hassle out of everything.

  • Jack Campbell
  • 06Jul 2013

When I was about to begin my move, I felt I would be able to everything myself because I owned a van. I thought that would be everything I needed to get the job done, In spite of this, I had trouble packing all my things, carrying them onto my vehicle and more. It's here when I called Removal Company and they offered the advice and services I needed to overcome my problems. The best part was that because they offer a customised service I only had to pay of them to pack and loaded my things, and get the best service ever!

  • Caitlin Ross
  • 01Jul 2013

I knew a move wouldn't be easy so I asked my friends and family for help. With their assistance, I felt I would have no problem. This turned out not to be the case as we still lacked the knowledge and materials for packing and we struggled despite how many of us there were, to carry my larger goods. The best support I received from a friend was when she told me about Removal Company. I called them to see what they could of or me and it turned out to be everything. They came to my home and handled everything faster and better than we could and so I got the best move possible because of their support.

  • Ashley D
  • 26Jun 2013

I cannot thank Removal Company enough for everything they have done for me. Their assistance and support during my move was excellent and they made everything much simpler. They helped me over the phone by answering my questions, gave me a free quote and told me what they could do for me. Before I knew it, they had all my things safely packed and taken to my new address. They team was courteous, hardworking and made sure that nothing was broken and no one was injured. I can't thank them enough!

  • Vivian Dalston
  • 07Jun 2013

I was super nervous about moving abroad. I had never moved nationally, let alone internationally, which is why I decided to hire a removal company who came and managed the whole removal for me. RemovalsandStorage were well known for dealing with international removals, which is why I decided to choose them. I must say that the removal went so smoothly that I couldn't believe my eyes. Had it not been for the dedicated, hardworking staff, I would never have made it abroad.

  • Alec K.
  • 02Jun 2013

I have always preferred to hire companies that specialise in the type of removal that wish to have, so I was a bit skeptical when I settled for RemovalsandStorage who generalise and deal with all types of removals. However, within half an hour of my mind was changed. The staff was just as educated and trained as specialist staff would be. They dealt with my removal very efficiently and quickly, taking very good care of my belongings. I will never judge a company based on its specialism again, and it is all thanks to RemovalsandStorage.

  • Florence J.
  • 28May 2013

If there was an award ceremony for the best removal company in the WORLD, Removals Storage would win it hands down. Their highly trained, dedicated staff is a blessing and handled my removal very professionally, paying a lot of attention to ensure that my items were not broken or damaged. Their prices were the lowest out of all the quotes that I received, yet the service was out of this world. I applaud all the members that make Removals Storage one of the best removal companies out there.

  • Boyd C.
  • 23May 2013

Removals Storage is a great company that has by far the best employees. They are professional, punctual and caring. These are traits that are hard to find in members of staff nowadays, since everyone just wants to ‘get the job done'. The staff of Removals Storage was interested in me and my removal and genuinely wanted to be there. You could tell that they were enjoying what they were doing, because they were doing it so well. Cannot find a single fault. I am a very pleased customer. Thumbs up!

  • Dave
  • 18May 2013

After my divorce I had to move from the family home. Over the years I had collected a lot of musical instruments and needed the items shipped carefully. A pal of mine had used Removal Company and gave rave reviews about their services. I contacted Removal Company to make plans for what I needed. They were a great company to deal with, professional and the cost was very good too.

  • Pauline Filler
  • 13May 2013

Storage is one of the best removal companies I've ever used. They were great from start to end. I got to find out about them because of my friend. She really rated them so I decided to book with them just as a bit of a tester. Anyway, I was really happy with their service and can't rate them enough. The team of movers was extremely hard working. They arrived at my house on time, and got straight to work. They began unloading all of my items onto the lorry and I didn't have to lift a finger. It was great. They didn't even stop for a tea break. I could not have been happier! So, all in all, I recommend them!

  • Natasha I
  • 08May 2013

This is the second time I have used Storage for their removal services and I have to tell you, I'm still amazed with their service and their professionalism. Unlike most moving companies, Storage treats you with the utmost respect and even though this was the second time I used them, they still treated me well - just as well as they did on the first time I went with them. Overall, I was extremely happy with their service and I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again for their removal services.

  • Sandra Bean
  • 20Apr 2013

You'll be amazed by the team of movers from RemovalsandStorage. Three friendly lads transported my items from one place to another and they did all the loading and unloading. They also took my heavy furniture to the front room of my house. My only grudge was that they'd left dirty footprints all over the floor and I had to clean it up after they'd left. Then again, they were good enough to bring my heavy furniture into the front room of the house so I suppose I can't complain. Either way, they did a great job and didn't charge any extra for anything. There were no hidden fees or anything. Great Removals Company!

  • Ruth Pearce
  • 15Apr 2013

My budget is always tight and it can be annoying when you have to compensate for the quality of a service. But with Removals, you don't have to compensate because they offer services at the most competitive prices. All of their services are affordable to everyone - even those, like me, who are on the strictest of budgets. And despite their low prices, their quality of service is excellent. They treat you like a queen. I've recommended them to everyone I know and one of my friends couldn't thank me enough after she'd used them because she was that impressed.

  • Charlie McGovern
  • 10Apr 2013

I really dislike moving. In fact I tend to avoid moving full stop because I hate it so much. What makes it worse is that I can't ever find a decent removals company that I can actually rely on 100% for every move. Each one of them has let me down in the past and for this move, I was not prepared to let that happen again. In the end, I searched the web for practically a whole day before I found Removal Company, a well-reviewed removals company. I sent them an email to which they replied within an hour and they gave me some really useful information and were really helpful. From there, my move went smoothly.

  • Holly Turner
  • 25Mar 2013

I couldn't have been happier with the service Removals provided to me. Their service was faultless. And more than anything, I loved the staff that worked there. They were all really friendly and polite and helpful too. I'm also pleased with their rates. They don't charge over the odds for their services and they make it really affordable to all. I definitely recommend them! And I've recommended them to my friends and family as well. Thank you!!!

  • Rita Goodman
  • 20Mar 2013

I was satisfied with the service of Removals Storage. It went well but I wasn't too impressed by their inability to meet a deadline. They did arrive a bit late to my house, which was annoying as I was in a rush. However, I'm not going complain too much because they did apologize a few times and made up for it by working really hard and declining a break. I think I probably would use them again because I personally think they offer a reasonable service at a good, affordable price.

  • Mathew Nash
  • 15Mar 2013

I usually dread moving house but the move with RemovalsandStorage went really well actually. I was pleased. Their excellent team of movers was friendly and hardworking. From the moment they arrived at my house, the team got to work instantly and even turned down the coffee I'd offered them. I've never seen anything like it before. At the end of the day, after they'd transported my items and unloaded the boxes into my new house, they cleaned up after themselves. It was amazing! They were just well mannered and really good workers. Thanks guys.

  • Wynona
  • 10Mar 2013

To all the team at Removal Company - thank you for everything. My move to the city went smoothly thanks to you. I was so impressed by your service and your staff. I really appreciate all you have done. Moving is really hectic and a chore I despise doing but it's great to be able to count on a decent removals company that is reputable and trustworthy. I have recommended you highly to all my family and friends. Please keep up the good work and you'll keep a customer. To anyone needing a great removals company, choose Removal Company. You won't be disappointed.

  • Jim Carter
  • 05Mar 2013

When it comes to moving, my wife and I have a lot of trouble with the loading and unloading because of our age. We spent many weeks phoning up removal companies to see which company offered the best deal but none of them seemed good enough, somehow. Our daughter recommended Removal Company and we decided to phone them up. A nice lady spoke to me and completely understood our situation. She reassured me that the removal men would do all the lifting and that I wouldn't have to lift a thing. I wasn't convinced at first; I thought it was advertising tactic. But when it came to moving day, they were just as helpful as she'd said they'd be. I really did not have to lift a finger.

  • Billy
  • 05Mar 2013

I hate moving and I hate all the tasks that go with it. The packing, the planning, the loading and unloading - it's all really monotonous. Especially if you work full-time, like I do. I was over the moon, when Storage told me they could do it all for me. They literally did everything, the planning, packing, transportation and also the lifting. I'm really happy with their service and would most definitely consider using them again. It was a smooth and easy move.

  • Jackie Holland
  • 28Feb 2013

I definitely recommend RemovalsandStorage and their convenient and efficient moving services. I hired them and was amazed. Moving with them is stress free and causes you no hassle at all!

  • Sarah
  • 23Feb 2013

When moving with RemovalsandStorage I didn't really feel that I was in the middle of a removals process because they were so efficient and fast. It didn't seem long ago at all when I was calling around various removal companies for quotes before I found this firm. This removals firm could offer me the best value for money services and this is why I chose them. From the day when I first called RemovalsandStorage up on the phone to the day when I successfully moved to my new home, the time just flew and the whole process went by without any troubles. Looking for a professional and hard working team to take charge of your forthcoming move? Choose RemovalsandStorage.

  • Warren I.
  • 18Feb 2013

Attention! If you are moving to a new home, apartment, office or wherever, I would recommend this company for the job. They are honest, reliable and can handle just about any issue and type of move that is thrown their way. I am so grateful for the fact that they saved me a great amount of time and money. They are the best removals company that I have ever dealt with and for that reason I would recommend their services in a heartbeat!

  • Nathan Roberts
  • 13Feb 2013

I have never had such a great move as the one I had when I moved with Removal Company. I paid less than I have ever paid before with any other removals firm and me got far better results for my money too. I can say with happiness and in a proud way that I had a very successful relocation and didn't feel stressed or worried in the slightest. I am very happy to say that I am one hundred percent happy with the treatment that I received from this company and in addition to all of the positive things that I could say about this team, I didn't have to pay a lot for the services either! Fantastic services and an outstanding team of staff, both of which I would certainly recommend!

  • Asra
  • 08Feb 2013

This team is just brilliant! They stick to their word, do as they say and provide every client with top quality services. If you are going to choose any company this year for your commercial or domestic move then make sure you choose RemovalsandStorage. I was so stressed out about my relocation and was certain that something would go wrong but thanks to this company - it didn't! Choose this company for your removal needs!!

  • Brian
  • 03Feb 2013

Massive thank you to all the team at Removals for making me and my wife's move to London a lovely journey. We were more than happy with your service and will definitely be recommending you to all our friends. We loved all the people that worked there and we want to say how lucky we feel to have chosen a removals company as excellent as yours. So, once again, thank you to Removals. If we move again, we will not hesitate to contact you.

  • Ben Warner
  • 29Jan 2013

My partner and I would like to send our regards to Removal Company and to all the staff that work there. You have been wonderful to us from start to finish and we thank you for making our move to our new home a delightful one. It was an utter pleasure working with you. To all the removal men that helped us no end with our move and to all the lovely ladies at customer service for your support, thank you so much. We will both be recommending you to all our family and friends. I think everyone should give you a try.

  • Richard
  • 24Jan 2013

A great removal experience and it and rsquo;s all thanks to Removals. I was offered a low price, efficient and flexibly moving packing from them and I was unsure whether it was really going to be what they said. I was astonished to find that they were as professional as they said and did exactly what they advertised! Brilliant company!

  • Clement M.
  • 19Jan 2013

Moving is expensive, stressful, emotional and hard work. There are many bad things you can say about the process of relocating and so it is quite understandable that I was dreading this upcoming relocation. Fortunately, everything went to plan. The removals team came on time and they were very efficient in what they did. Could not pick fault with them. What is more is that the prices for the removals services were very affordable and I would imagine that they would meet most budgets.

  • Ricky James
  • 14Jan 2013

You could do a lot worse when it comes to getting your hands on a good removals company. They are so hard to find, yet there are so many of them. Most of the companies are not what you would class as and lsquo;professionals and rsquo;, even though they advertise that they are. Most of them just want the money and don and rsquo;t put any effort in to the job; some of them don and rsquo;t even help with the heavy lifting on moving day! and nbsp;Removal Company were different altogether because they helped out wherever they could. I paid for their services and they made sure that I got what I paid for. I couldn and rsquo;t be happier with my choice and will keep their number on hand in case I need them again.

  • Luke Marston
  • 09Jan 2013

Thanks to the staff at and nbsp;RemovalsandStorage because you proved to me that you were exactly what you advertised! This was the best office relocation that I have ever gone through and I owe a big thank you to all of the team because you all made this possible for me and my staff!

  • L. Kehaoe
  • 30Dec 2012

Let me start by pointing that Removals Storage did an outstanding job with our move. I moved from Islington to Lee Green and had lots of possessions that needed to be moved. Three moving men showed up and completed the job in no time. Great help, great services.

  • J. Spense
  • 30Dec 2012

I had just retired and I needed a change, which is why my husband and I decided to move from Wood Green and bought a house in Wimbledon. A friend of mine recommended the professional moving services of Removals, so we hired them. The movers were amazing - very helpful and kind, it was a pleasure to work with them.

  • V. Schofield
  • 25Dec 2012

It was a pleasure for me and all my family to work with professionals and people who know what they are doing. Removal Company were right on time on the day of our move and provided us with a wonderful service. They are a very professional company!

  • C. Lagorge
  • 20Dec 2012

Excellent moving experience, qualified team and unbeatable price. That's all I can say about Removals. I just finished my move with them and all of my belongings are here, nothing is missing or even dirty. They really took care of everything!

  • B. Fainer
  • 15Dec 2012

I called RemovalsandStorage at the last minute for a same-day move and they managed to fit me into their schedule. Their team of workers was amazing - very skillful, competent and capable. They even called me after the move was done to ask me if I was happy with their services.

  • M. Rendala
  • 10Dec 2012

I've used Removals Storage twice now and I was satisfied both times with their crew. Moving from one house to another is very stressful and thanks to this amazing moving company I felt like it was an ordinary day. They even fixed my old coffee table. Thank you very much!

  • L. Hills
  • 05Dec 2012

I hired three movers from Removals to help me move my furniture from my old house to a new one that I bought recently. They wrapped everything, loaded it into their moving van and brought it to the new house. They worked very fast and nothing was damaged or broken. They area a great team!

  • H. Gishen
  • 30Nov 2012

I don't like having movers in my home, but this time I was impressed. The team from Storage arrived on time and they used floor runners to protect my carpet. There were no hidden charges either. I would recommend this company to anyone!

  • R. Chester
  • 25Nov 2012

I had to move from my old flat to a new 2-bedroom house and I needed professional help. I read many reviews before I made my final decision and ended up speaking with a kind customer service representative, -Claudia, from Removal Company. She was there every time I needed help. The moving crew was fast, professional and courteous.

  • T. Ething
  • 20Nov 2012

Terrific service! I hired four men for my major house removal and they showed on time, introduced themselves and explained what they were going to do. I felt relieved to see that they started to work immediately and did exactly as they'd told me in the first place. I strongly recommend Removals Storage to anyone!

  • M. Tello
  • 15Nov 2012

What an amazing experience! Removal Company were exactly what I was looking for. They were honest, reliable and efficient. They treated all my possessions with nothing but care. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!

  • K. Marlon
  • 10Nov 2012

My partner and I used the services of Storage last week and we were completely satisfied with them. We hired three men and a van and they were very efficient. They picked up everything, delivered it, and put everything wherever I wanted it. Really a terrific company.

  • J. Nagy
  • 05Nov 2012

Removals helped us with our move across London and they were fantastic. The crew were kind, pleasant and honest. Even though it was Saturday they worked very hard and I did not see them to rest for a minute. Great value for money!

  • J. Laurent
  • 31Oct 2012

My husband and I hired Removal Company based on Internet research and I have to say their crew were great. The two helpers were very courteous and handy. They made sure the floors and the walls were protected during the move. Our possessions were delivered at the exact estimated time in good shape. We strongly recommend Removal Company!

  • L. Mulas
  • 26Oct 2012

I move often and I have never had such a smooth move. Thanks to the great team of Removal Company everything went perfectly. They gave me a very competitive price and sent a very knowledgeable team of movers. My items were delivered in perfect shape. Best regards!

  • Paul Popkins
  • 21Oct 2012

This was my first time using a moving company and I have to admit it is way better than trying to move on my own. I was told to use the removal services of Removal Company by my sister and their quote was completely affordable for me. If I have to move again I will certainly use their services !

  • C. Vacante
  • 16Oct 2012

Removal Company helped me with my storage removal as well. They were everything I needed in a moving company. They provided me with two movers at a very competitive rate that came in significantly under most of the other quotes I had received. Your help is very much appreciated here!

  • R. Phrancis
  • 11Oct 2012

It is so important for me to do research before selecting a service company. A friend of mine recommended Storage for my office removal. I looked into Storage services and decided to go with them. The communication with their office was excellent. The movers were right on time and got the job done in 3 hours. Great movers. I strongly recommend them!

  • D. Kiselow
  • 06Oct 2012

Moving is absolutely stressful but having a professional moving team like Removal Company helps a lot. I am really thankful to them for everything they did for me. They wrapped all of my items, packed them in boxes and even labeled them all. At The end it was really easy for me to put them in the right places. It's an amazing company!

  • L. Gerre
  • 01Oct 2012

I just wanted to let you know that your team of movers is perfect. They were all kind and courteous. Thank you very much, RemovalsandStorage, and I will definitely use your company again.

  • D. Ganis
  • 26Sep 2012

A friend of mine recommended the services of Removals to me and I am glad I used them. They were so organized and did everything in no time. For any future moves I will definitely use their services again.

  • F. Ahmad
  • 21Sep 2012

I booked RemovalsandStorage to help me move my old house to my new flat in Central London a long time ago, and they kept on contacting me from time to time. I was absolutely scared about the whole moving process, but I have to say that the moving team took the stress out of the experience. They were very strong and dependable. I am so glad I chose their company and I hope they can keep doing their helpful job.

  • J. Alomani
  • 16Sep 2012

I am 100% sure that for my next move I will contact Removal Company again. Their moving crew were polite, courteous and careful. The most important for me was that they treated my home with respect. Thank you very much.

  • H. Rudberg
  • 11Sep 2012

I am very happy with the services of Storage. This was the first time I have ever used such services and I am glad I used them. The three men I hired arrived on time and were all polite and respectful. The price was also fair. My only regret now is that I couldn't tip the moving crew better. I want to thank them all and wish them the best of luck.

  • N. Lane
  • 06Sep 2012

My wife and I thought this would be the most stressful day of our lives, but thanks to Removals Storage it turned to be an ordinary day. We are very happy we chose their services and would use them again without any doubts.

  • L. Andrews
  • 01Sep 2012

I was completely satisfied with the moving services of Removals. I can recommend this company to any of you who need professional services. Their management is open to new ideas and methods. They followed all of my instructions and even called me after the move to ask if I was satisfied with their services and team. Absolutely fantastic services.

  • S. Laing
  • 27Aug 2012

I used Removals Storage for a full house move from Leeds to Sheffield. They were helpful, efficient and took good care of my stuff. It is great for me to have a moving company that I can trust with all my belongings. Great company!

  • M. Vath
  • 22Aug 2012

One of my best moving experience I had was with Storage. They were a fantastic team, careful and helpful. The moving men asked me questions throughout making sure that the things went to the right places. I am recommending this company to anyone who needs such services.

  • V. Halle
  • 17Aug 2012

The moving crew of Storage were on time and very enthusiastic. It was a very straightforward move. The company representative was also kind and very helpful. Thank you very much!

  • R. Johansen
  • 12Aug 2012

I was very pleased with the moving team of RemovalsandStorage. The communication was very good, and the movers were polite and fast. The delivery was on time and I had no damaged or even dirty items . Everything was just perfect. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

  • Emma Ilett
  • 07Aug 2012

Fortunately the two vans arrived an hour earlier than I expected and start working immediately. We had a lot of stuff, but they made the job look really easy and made us feel less stressed about the whole moving process. Everything arrived in our new home without any damage. They were a very professional team. We highly recommend them to anyone requiring removal services.

  • B. Drake
  • 02Aug 2012

We just moved last weekend and this was the fourth time we have used the great services of Removal Company. I would just like to express our gratitude to the extremely helpful team from their company. They were all polite, hardworking and reliable each time. Thank you very much!

  • C. Steeper
  • 28Jul 2012

My wife and I used Removal Company for both moving and storage. I am very impressed with their services. The storage units are very clean and the price is really reasonable. The crew was very friendly and helpful the entire time. Thank you very much!

  • B. Jyothsna
  • 23Jul 2012

I had a long distance move from Liverpool to Paris. I contacted Removals based on a friend's recommendation. They were very polite and fitted me into their schedule. The moving men were right on time and were very fast. I even felt bad for them because there were some stuff that could not fit in the elevator, so they had to carry them down the stairs. I did not hear them complaining at all. Great guys! Everything arrived in perfect condition. Excellent services!

  • S. Malik
  • 16Jul 2012

Removals Storage was the only company of the several I called which booked me at the last minute in their schedule at a very reasonable price. To be honest I did not expect everything to be so well organized. I received full instructions on the phone about how the process would proceed. Everything was the way I was told, no hidden costs, no items broken. Many thanks to all the people who work at Removals Storage.

  • M. Lang
  • 11Jul 2012

What I liked most about Removals is their attention to details. I was impressed by their excellent customer service as well. They made the whole moving process less stressful and tension free. I am very happy that I chose this company. Best wishes!

  • P. Bowers
  • 06Jul 2012

Overall my husband and I are very satisfied with the services of Storage. The four guys they sent us were very professional and super fast. They made this move pleasant. Even the packing was excellent. They are highly recommended by us as well!

  • I. Atkinson
  • 01Jul 2012

I moved to London a week ago to start a new life after a really complicated divorce, and I was terrified about the whole moving process. Basically I was sitting on my balcony thinking what to do, about where to start. I searched online for the best removal company and thank God I choose Removals Storage. Alan, my representative, really helped me a lot. He explained the insurance policy to me, which was already included in the price. At the end of the day everything went as smoothly as can be. Don't hesitate to use their services. I myself will definitely use them again.

  • E. Cox
  • 26Jun 2012

I recently used RemovalsandStorage for the first time and I was impressed with their general kindness and respect for my property. I really liked the packing service I got. I would recommend it to anyone reading this review. My sofas were wrapped, my beds and all the glass pieces, basically all I had to do was pack my boxes. Anyways, thank you guys for the excellent job!

  • Andrew Chester
  • 19Jun 2012

I used them twice in the past month. First to move my stuff out of the condo I was selling and then again to move over the furniture that was left behind for staging. Removals are a real professional company. All of my furniture arrived with no scratches. I am really thankful.

  • M. Danett
  • 14Jun 2012

If you are searching for a removal company, choose Removals. I am 100% recommending them due to the experience I had with them. They were professional and friendly. They moved my stuff without any scratches and the price was really affordable.

  • K. Breeze
  • 07Jun 2012

I was so concerned when I had to move to a new area. I hired Removals Storage and everything was great. Their crew showed patience, creativity and intuition when it came to packing and loading and they were a pleasure to work with. They made my move a memorable experience. Everything they did is highly appreciated!

  • A. Mills
  • 02Jun 2012

I will certainly remember my first moving experience. I was afraid that my things would be lost or damaged. Nothing of the sort happened. I used the services of RemovalsandStorage and was extremely satisfied with the result. I will recommend this company to all my colleagues and friends.

  • W. Garret
  • 28May 2012

I was about to attempt a move by myself from my old flat to my new one just a mile away. But considering the horrible parking situation I decided to hire a moving company instead. I had this old leaflet of Storage, so called their office. They did such a great job moving all my stuff without any scratches on anything. Fantastic company.

  • E. Jensen
  • 23May 2012

The advantage of hiring Storage is that you don't need to bother yourself about the moving. An example from my experience: I have trusted all my stuff to the movers and they did everything, including packing, transportation and even unpacking. It saved me a lot of time, effort and money. Thank you!

  • T. Graham
  • 18May 2012

Storage fulfilled what they had promised me. They provided fast and efficient service and the most important thing to me is that they carefully handled all my furniture.

  • E. Young
  • 13May 2012

My grandma needed help with her big, old couch, which had to be disassembled first. A had called some companies, but the one that impressed me with their good manners was Storage. They did everything for us. They were very patient and very friendly. They were hard-working and much less time consuming. Thanks a lot, Storage for the great job done.

  • A. Smith
  • 08May 2012

I had a great experience from start to finish with Removals! They were professional and fast. I had been warned about movers taking their time to increase costs and this was not the case. Great guys.