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Our Moving Company 

Helps Ease your Moving Woes

A   big house with a spacious garden is what most of us dream of having.   But in an economy where people struggle to pay for huge monthly   amortizations and maintenance fees, owning a two-story house may not   always be practical option, especially for singles that absolutely have   no need for a big home.

Whatever your reason is for moving from a   big house to a smaller one, there is one problem you’ll surely stumble   upon: moving and storage. Accept the fact that you can’t bring all of   your stuff to your new flat. Hence, you may opt to sell some items you   can live without.

A hassle-free move is possible if you hire dependable movers who can do storage and removals for you. These   companies can help you in two ways: one, they help you move you stuff   out of your old home; and two, they keep your extra stuff in a safe   place.

Do-it-Yourself Storage and Removals

Aside   from professional help, you can try some effective packing tips that can   help you get started on the right path. Accomplishing a do-it-yourself   removals alleviates the stress levels involved with moving.

Sort   and organize items before packing them away. You may divide your items   into two piles: the “must-keeps” and “let-go”. Get rid of the items you   don’t need. If there are extra stuffs you can’t throw away, pack them   and separate them from the items you will be bringing to your new home.   Once the removal company arrives, it will be easier for   them to distinguish the items you want to bring and those you want to   store. This eliminates the risks of getting your possessions mixed up.

As   you’ll be storing extra stuff outside your new home, make sure the   movers you hire is trustworthy. A trustworthy removal company should allow you to have access to your possession any time you   wish. Further, this privilege should only be entitled to you alone.

No   matter how trustworthy you storage and removals companies appear to be,   it is always best to make your own safety measures. Get rid of   everything you can, carefully pack everything and mark the items   accordingly. Remember, the items involved in this process are not   someone else’s but yours. Therefore, do your part and help make the removals more efficient and less stressful on the moving   day.

How to Find the Best Moving and Storage Company for your Business Relocation

Relocating a business is certainly more difficult compared to relocating   a home. This is due to the fact that most office relocation require the   moving of several heavy office equipment as well as furniture. Items   such as computers, printers and fax machines are essential in having a   fully functional office. Thus, they should be handled with utmost care.

Downtime is another big challenge in moving a professional business.   Since operations are dormant during the transition, businesses must   settle as soon as possible. This is where moving and storage companies   can be of great help.

Movers and storage companies are your best option if you are seeking   to relocate your office. While it seems cheaper at first to rely on the   services and vehicles of your employees in your office removal, this   strategy is ripe with the potential to backfire. The company’s insurance   is likely to cover for loss or damages.

Moving and storage professionals on the other hand, have insurance   policies that can cover for damages during the transition. So instead of   risking your expensive office equipment from damages, look for a   dependable moving and storage company that could guarantee a safe   relocation.

Things to Consider when 

Hiring Storage Companies

   1.      Expertise

When searching for removal companies, the first thing you   need to consider is their specialization. Make sure that the company you   hire has years of experience in moving offices. Not all moving and   storage companies have the proper equipment and training in carrying out   complex relocation like this.

2.      Facilities

Check if the moving and storage company has the right vehicles and   equipment needed in transporting your office goods. Require a vehicle   that is clean, durable and covered to ensure the safety of your   belongings. This is very important if you are scheduled to move during   rain or winter.

3.      Trained Staff

Find out if the company has trained staff who have exceptional   experience on business relocation and moving fragile and heavy items.   Not all moving companies take advantage of responsible and courteous   movers.

Remember, unless you are fully satisfied, never hire a storage and removals company. Nowadays, you can easily find a number of movers online   where you can compare quotes right at the comfort of your home. Most of   these companies are affiliated with major organizations to build their   reputation. This Web is also a great way to keep track of the records of   several movers as well as their success rate.

3 Ways Moving and Storage Companies 

Help Make the Move Less Stressful

The prospect of moving to a new home can be thrilling. But you first have to hurdle the task of packing and moving your things. Fortunately removal companies now abound the market so you can get plenty of help on these tasks.

The most obvious reason why you hire a removals company is primarily to get help in transporting your things. The removals company would send people to do the lifting and transporting for you. The thing is while many boxes are quite easy to load and reload, some furniture pieces are too big that it would be too difficult to maneuver. Professional movers would know how to handle the situation. Of course, a vehicle would also be provided so you won’t have to rent a van just for the move. With skills of the people of the moving & storage company, they would know how to maximize the use of the van. They would also have proper equipment so loading and unloading really is really going to be easier for you.

What would even make the move more convenient is if you let the company pack your things as well. They would usually provide the packing materials so you should not have to worry about buying them. Crockery and glassware would even be safer since you will get the most professional people. They would know to how to pack glassware more safely. Since it is their job, they would do everything to prevent damage and breakage too.

Many removals companies also have storage facilities. So if you are moving from a big house to a smaller house, you might want to store your things for the mean time. Storing them with the same company would usually get you discounts so it’s advisable to get manpower and storage from the same company. Of course, to get the best deal in the market you also need to get quotes and compare. Do not get scammed with companies who ask for fees for the quotes though. Avail the free quotes and use them to decide better.

There are seasonal discounts too so you should ask what discounts are being offered and when they are offered. If you can be flexible, you can move your move on a weekday when there less people moving and prices are relatively lower.

Make sure that you have insurance too just in case accidents happen. More expensive items mean a need for more coverage though. In the end, you get to save money and you could also get the best service if you choose well.

Factors to Consider When 

Hiring Self Storage Companies

Moving houses entails a lot of things. The most tedious and time consuming are packing and the actual moving part. But then if you lack space in your new home, you also need to carefully choose where you can store your things. Fortunately moving and storage companies are here to make life easier for you.

Your choice of company would very much dictate on how much your move is going to be convenient. It is important that you choose the removal company that you can trust. Before you let them commandeer your things it’s imperative that you know that you can trust them. That is why companies recommended by family and friends are always preferred. Their skills and experience are also important. More skills would enable them to pack your things properly, for instance. This would also help them know how to handle your things carefully to prevent breakage and damage. If you also need storage, you should look for the removals company that offers the facility.

The quality of their service would also be affected by the kind of equipment and vehicles they have. Having the vehicle of the right size, for one, is important for your things to fit. Otherwise, they would have to make a couple of trips. This would not only prove to be more expensive, it would also be time consuming. But then the safety of your things also depends on the way the movers arrange them.

To get the best deal, availing both the storage services of the company is ideal. This can warrant you a lower cost. Of course, it cuts the preparation time since you would only be looking for one company instead of two. Compare quotes and services first though before hiring any company. This will not only help you save money but get the most services as well.

To ensure that the storage facility is clean, safe and accessible, you should visit the companies first before hiring. This would allow you to survey the place and check if appropriate security systems are in place. If climate control is essential for your things, you should also check if they have it. By ensuring these things you also assure that your things are safe there. Nothing will get stolen quite easily. Nothing will get damaged or spoiled either.

In the end, you get the services that you need. And you will also get the convenience that you want during your move and storage.

Proper Information Gathering  About Moving

Removals   as it is will already be quite a stressful experience for anyone.   Moving from your comfortable home to somewhere else is no easy task,   after all. Then comes matters about moving your things, which is another   story altogether. Transporting your belongings from point to point can   be a headache because of a lot of things that can go wrong. Then follows   the storage unit itself, which poor spending can make for mediocre   function and service. Spare yourself the stress by following a few   pointers to know who the best self-storage provider is for your unique   requirements.

One of the things you can do to look for the best   storage facility is to ask people you know. Talk to people who you think   can give you objective and fair assessments about the self storage   systems they have hired or encountered. This will give you real   benchmarks regarding the quality of service that these removal companies provide.

Lacking that, another method to gather   information about the perfect self storage unit is to utilize the   technology you have access to, such as the Internet. The web is always a   good source of information, if you know where to look. Try searching   for removal company websites to get what you need to know, and contact   them through email for any questions you might have.

EU Moves – making the move abroad

Thousands of Britons each year are deciding to make the move overseas. Most of us can see the appeal of a place in the sun, (more than) a year in Provence … but you may feel slightly daunted by the prospect of the logistics of removing your home and all your household possessions to somewhere else in the European Union.

The most popular destinations remain Spain and France. House prices and the cost of living in EU countries can be much lower than in the UK, making such a move incredibly attractive in the current global economic climate. Of course, it is a huge, life-changing decision but one that thousands of British people are choosing to make every year.

Once you have found your dream home, your own little piece of the world, there is a lot of administration to go through. One of the most important things to sort out is how you are going to move your worldly goods across borders and countries to your new home.

To make your international house move less daunting, you need to ensure you choose a company that specialises in house removals to the EU. Removals services within Europe are, thankfully, plentiful and many can be found on the Internet with a bit of diligent research. When shipping your worldly goods abroad, all the advice about choosing the right removals firm becomes even more pertinent. After all, you are trusting a company to take your personal possessions over potentially many thousands of miles, possibly over sea as well as land, and your move is very unlikely to completed in just a day or two. You will be waving goodbye to all your belongings only to be reunited with them in a completely different country!

So, you need to ensure that you choose wisely. Here are London Removals’ top five things to look out for when deciding on the right EU move specialist for you:

Experience. The removals firm you choose for your relocation within the EU needs to have done this before. Preferably many times, over many years! As always, it's a case of buyer beware: check for client testimonials and even personal recommendations. It may be worth checking out Internet and Facebook forums for expats, to hear honestly from others what their experience of your EU moves specialist was.

Expertise. You need a company that has the manpower, the logistics in place and the up-to-date knowledge of customs, border crossings and administration required for the route to YOUR country. These can change quickly and can be cumbersome: you certainly don't want your entire life, packed into a van, to be held up at a country's border or every box searched. London Removals .org.uk is a reputable, well-insured company and does international house removals very regularly.

Affordable. Make sure you get at least a handful of quotes in order to get the best value for money. You may want to look at smaller, local firms (that meet the other criteria, above) rather than international household names in order to get the best deal. And the best does not always mean the cheapest. Look carefully at what is included, watch out for hidden extras and favour those with a clear pricing policy.

Adaptable. Just as every one is different, every house move is different. What you don't want is a massive corporation who will try to shoehorn YOUR important EU relocation into a standard 'package' that they offer.  What you should be looking for is a European removal specialist like London Removals .ork.uk, who will cater to your needs, and your timetable. Even better, if they can help you organise your flights, ferries or trains, collection when you arrive at your destination and transport to your new home – to be reunited with all your household goods.

Personal. Ever feel you're just a number, or another one of thousands of customers? Sometimes it can be a lot more reassuring to deal with the same person on the telephone, to meet your EU movers beforehand and to really feel that you can know and trust those whom you are charging with your house move. After all, this is a considerable investment and a potentially stressful, though exciting time: having confidence in those undertaking your house move within Europe can make a lot of the worry go away.

Everyone's nightmare is that their life's possessions get damaged or lost in transit. This is magnified tenfold when moving to another country, be it France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Portugal or any of the other popular expat destinations within Europe. Check the insurance situation very carefully, but also check your own packing! You may well find it all a bit of a rush towards the final moving date but it is really worth taking your time over packaging and packing. It's worth remembering that strong and reliable packaging may cost a little more but it will pay dividends to ensure your personal items and valuables are protected. You will need sturdy boxes, plenty of protection (blankets, pillows, cushions and of course bubble wrap and packing paper) and good, strong tape. A tape gun is a good investment.

Label each package with its contents and, if the items are delicate, you can't write FRAGILE in large letters enough times on the outside! Labelling is going to be important for a customs inspection, should it become necessary, and also for the EU moves company – so they know which room boxes should go into in your new home.

Pack light. Heavy items should be packed towards the bottom of a box with lighter things on top. When packing books or other heavy items, don't fill the box more than halfway. Even the strongest man with a van won't be able to lift more.

Don't transport more than you need. An international house move is a most excellent incentive to de-clutter. Why pay to transport things you are not going to need in your new home? Also be aware: some goods cannot be carried across borders and you must respect customs and duty laws … so don't bring the entire drinks cabinet for example: why not throw a leaving party to dispose of it safely before you go?

London Removals can really help you with everything from the preparation to customs limits and more. Taking your time will ensure you choose the right EU moves partner for you.

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