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Top tips to save money whilst moving house

Posted on 02Jan 2013

It’s easy to get buried under mountains of costs, fees and charges whilst moving house. Despite the spiralling costs of selling and buying a new home, there are also another barrage of payments needing to be made for boxes and packaging, removal services and storage companies. It seems you need a bottomless bank account and plenty of patience to survive the price tag of moving home, let alone the stress of moving into a new house. Despite the inevitable and unavoidable costs, there are a few ways you can actually budget carefully and save some money whilst moving out. Research companies wiselyIt sounds obvious, but researching companies wisely will help massively when lowering costs, but opting for the cheapest service won’t necessarily be the best. Compare services and packages provided by companies as well as paying close attention to reviews and personal recommendations. A smaller company might offer a more friendly service and renting your own van might be more cost effective altogether. As well as researching removal companies it is also important to research any storage companies you are thinking of using and any services you intend to pay for to assist you during the move. For packing and moving why not avoid using costly services altogether by roping in friends and family to help? It might not be the most well organised and tightly run ship but it will definitely be far more affordable than hiring professionals. Packing on a budgetWhen actually packing your home, you might be tempted to buy moving boxes, packaging and wrapping to ensure your possessions are safe and sound in transit. But often it’s not entirely necessary to purchase expensive bubble wrap and industrial boxes. Instead, look at reusing and recycling boxes from friends, family and your own home, you could even try to rescue boxes from supermarkets and stores. Expensive boxes might look professional but are only expensive versions of what plenty of people have stored in attics and garages up and down the land. For wrapping, instead of investing in pricey sheets and bubble wraps you’ll never use again, use newspaper to wrap and stuff boxes. You could easily collect a stack from friends and family, or start collecting well in advance. It’s important, however, to remember to properly package expensive or valuable items and to pack and ship awkward or valuable belongings with professional movers and with sufficient packaging. Moving inNow you’ve moved in, you can feel like you’ve finally hit the light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s still a mountain of things to do which amounts to a whole number of costs just waiting to be charged. Always rope friends and family into helping you move your things from vans and storage centres to minimise expense. It’s also important to remember to not splash out on luxuries because of the stress of moving. During such upheaval it can be tempted to eat out, visit coffee stores and generally over spend rather than simply cooking and eating at home, or purchasing new items because you don’t have the energy to hunt for belongings within all those boxes. Have patience and a strong will and you can keep your budget in tow throughout the move. Finally, now you’ve moved in to your new home and you’ve done everything you can to save money and minimise frivolous expense, it’s time to treat yourself, and the best way to do that is to purchase something perfect for your new home.

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