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Tips on How to Follow a Color Coding Method in Packing

Posted on 21Aug 2010

Even if you are doing the move by yourself, it does not mean that you cannot do it in a professional or at least in a systematic way. For one, color coding is effective especially when you are moving houses with the help of your friends.
The trick is to buy enough color stickers before packing. Then make sure that you visit your new home too so you can assign the colors to each room. Take note of the color assignment and get on with your packing. Back in your current home, you can pack by room and place a corresponding color sticker on the box. So that one when family and friends help you carry the boxes they will require minimum supervision. They can immediately match the colors when they unload the boxes and put them in the right boxes without asking you where to put them. This will allow you to continue what you are doing without disruption.  And so it will allow you to finish faster too.  In short, the moving process really becomes more convenient and easier with a simple color coding method. So if you want a more relaxed move, you should follow the same technique. You would surely be thankful you did.