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Things You Should Take Note of When Renting and Improving Properties

Posted on 19Sep 2010

As a tenant, you have some responsibilities. However, to make sure that you are aware and clear about everything make sure that everything is explicitly stated in the lease contract. For one, there could be a dispute regarding making repairs to the property you are renting. It would actually depend on how the repair clause is stated. You may be required to make repairs in excess to making just maintaining the state the property in is upon rental. If this is stated in the contract, you would have to comply with the terms. However, it should also be explicitly stated as to what repairs specifically should be done. On the other hand, you cannot make major improvements without the permission of the landlord. So if you want to improve the property, make sure that the landlord gives you permission. Depending on your agreement you may be compensated for it or you may have to shoulder the whole thing. At times, the expenses are deducted from the rent. But if you are responsible for the repairs, the rent stays the same. Even if the contract prohibits you from making any improvements, you can still try to ask permission to do so. If you see needed improvements on the property, ask the landlord to reconsider the terms before agreeing to the terms. The bottom line is to always understand what you are agreeing and committing to before signing anything. Otherwise, you would be at the losing end in the end.

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