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Tips to Make Packing Easy and Fun

Posted on 01May 2011

Moving can be a very stressful experience. Before you start packing up, determine the things that you want to keep and the things that you will donate or throw away. You can also put up a garage sale to make some money that can help you pay the moving company. When you are ready to pack, be sure that you have enough moving supplies. Secure enough boxes, tapes, and labelling materials.
The best place to start packing is the attic and the basement. Clear these places first before you start with the other rooms in the house. If you have some items that may not fit through the door, determine if they can be packed through the window or through the veranda. Then, you can start packing downstairs. Pack all the similar items together. For fragile items, separate the glass materials from one the china ones. After you've packed them, do not forget to write the fragile sign. After you've pack everything, go through your house again to make sure that nothing is left behind. You can also solicit the help of your friends and your family members while you are packing for this can make great bonding moments.

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