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Removal Companies in Bayswater

Posted on 18Jan 2013

If you are living in the popular London area of Baywater, and are moving home or offices, you may be considering hiring a removals company to help you.  Before you rush in and book one, you should take some time to understand what a removals company is and the benefits and services that can be offered to you. A removals company is a company that will help you to move all of your possessions from your old home or office to your new one.  Most reputable and well established companies are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and are required to work within the codes of conduct set out by the association.  These codes are designed to protect you as the customer, your belongings and any deposit you have put down.  Various companies now offer a range of services, these include:•    Doing your packing for you.  This helps to reduce the time you spend on packing, more importantly it ensures the packing is done correctly.  Removal services have experience in wrapping up and securely packing your items so that they are protected during transit.  These companies are also experienced in wrapping specialised items ready for removal, such as piano’s, grandfather clocks etc. and delicate items such as mirrors and ornaments.  This experience helps to ensure that these things are transported in the safest and most protected way possible, making sure they arrive in one piece. •    Sometimes it is necessary to take apart some of your things in order to be able to get them out of the house and into your new property, especially if they are bigger than the doors to the houses.  Removal companies can dismantle things like furniture in your old home, transport it and put it back together in your new home.  Not only does this make it easier and quicker for you to pack, but it also helps you to settle into your new home quicker, and is especially useful if neither you nor anyone in your household is particularly good with DIY. •    The removal company will provide all of the packing materials that you could possibly need, this includes things like strong cardboard boxes, tape, wrapping materials, packing materials, protective foam peanuts or air pillows, ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’ stickers and a way of labelling the boxes.  This means that you don’t need to go out, source and pay for these things yourself. •    Whilst some removal companies will only transport your belongings from one property to another, most are now able to help you load and unload the van.•    Some removal companies are able to offer you storage solutions should your new home be unable to house all of your things. •    If you are moving abroad there are now more removal companies that are able to help you.  When you are calling around removal companies for quotes, there are some questions that you should consider asking them:•    Are they a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR)?  •    How long have they been trading for? Are they experienced?•    Is insurance included in the price? •    What is the usual process during the removal? i.e. how many employees will they send, are they easily identifiable, what hours do they work, how long does it usually take. •    If the company keeps any belongings overnight, how are they secured? •    What is their best quote?•    Do they have any references?Before you make any final decisions on which removals company to use always do some research online and read some real customer reviews, compare the companies not only on price but also the services that they can provide and the level of expertise that they bring with them.

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