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Planning your Removals is Half the Battle

Posted on 14Nov 2013

The nature of a removal is one that means that you must always be aware of what is going on. if you allow things to slip and you are unaware of exactly what you need to be doing and when, then you are in line to make a lot of mistakes, and a lot of issues could crop up, that become expensive as you have to repair them. There is a simple way to avoid this sort of problem; plan! Planning is pretty easy if you have allowed yourself the time to do it, and for a small amount of work, you can reduce the stress of the move significantly. Making a plan is in itself something that needs thinking about, so it may be that you would like some pointers...For a start, you need to get planning as soon as you can. This means that you should be thinking about how you will be doing things as soon as you have the date for the move in place. Begin by writing down literally everything that you know that you have to do, and whilst doing that, think of how you want to do them, and how much they are likely to cost to get done. This way, you will be breaking up the sections of the move in to smaller headings, for instance; ‘packing’ becomes a process of finding packing materials, getting rid of anything that you don’t want to take with you, and then sorting rooms in to boxes and labeling them with the room that the box will go in to at the new house. Looking at the move in this way means that you will not arrive at the point in the plan where you start packing, having forgotten to buy packing tape! Viewing the planning in this way will also start to force you to think about how you will be able to reduce the money that you spend on the process; it will mean that you can seriously cut the costs of the move, as you will be able to get things for so much cheaper. If you find yourself up against it by way of having time to do things; you are likely to lose out, as you will be panicked and start throwing money at a situation in order to make it go away! The fact of the matter is, time is money, and it is no truer said than in the removals game!So, you have worked out how you are going to do everything that you need to do, and how you could do it all for less; now you need to put it in to a timetable. The hope is that you have given yourself enough time, that you can do just a couple of hours work a day on the move, and get it all done with ease. This way, the move will not take up your whole life, and you can still spend time at work, as you have a load of time to spare before the move date. Planning out a time table for the move will ensure that you can stick to this and still get everything sorted. Think about who is best placed to do what and when, for instance you could have your other half pick up packing materials, because there is a perfect shop for such things next to their work place. Combine drives to get things, label all of your boxes correctly, and generally be on top of the little things, so that you are well prepared for anything.

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