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Moving Out of Rented Accommodation: A Guide

Posted on 17Feb 2014

Although the property market, as in people buying and selling houses is getting a lot of attention at the moment, the fact is that more and more people are renting and for longer periods of time. It is no longer seen simply as a ‘stop gap’ but as a long term living situation for many people. With that in mind, there are plenty of people going through the removals process from their rented accommodation and moving out of a rented property brings with it its own set of problems and stresses but all of which can be easily tackled and have plenty of solutions available! Finding Somewhere NewObviously before you can move out of your old house you have to find somewhere new which can be challenging. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to find somewhere new to live, especially if you know you’re going to need extra space or be in a specific location for a job. Once you’ve found somewhere make sure you do the necessary checks, research the agency or landlord and ensure the property you’ve chosen meets all the proper standards required. Handing in Your NoticeHanding in your notice to your current landlord is a hugely important step because it will ensure that you won’t have to pay a crossover of rent, which will save you money at a crucially expensive time. It will also give your landlord lots of time to find a new tenant which will mean your references won’t be affected. This will also give you and your landlord the time to sort out your deposit and ensure that all your money is returned to you in good time. The Big CleanThe move out clean is one of the most dreaded things about living in rented accommodation, once you look at the inventory of all the things that need cleaning it’s likely you’ll realise that it’s a huge job that will potentially take several days! Of course if you have the time and willpower this is certainly something that you will be able to tackle alone, however another great way to deal with the big clean is to pay a cleaning service to do it for you. The benefit of this is that you’re guaranteed a thorough, professional clean and it’s a huge timesaver. PackingGetting the packing out of the way is a big job and it’s important not to leave anything behind as most landlords are pretty ruthless and they will charge you! Get started early with a rough plan and plenty of packing materials including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing peanuts and you’ll be fine. A great tip is to label your boxes so that you know exactly what’s in them making the whole unpacking process a lot easier and also the lifting process much easier so you won’t end up attempting to carry a box of books that you thought were pillows! Hiring a Removals ServiceHiring the right removals service is absolutely key to enjoying a great move. Your movers should be friendly, reliable and above all else efficient. Choosing a local company with great reviews in your area is a great way to ensure that your move goes well and that the man and van hire service is legitimate and trustworthy. They should be able to advise you about packing, storage solutions and all other manner of things to make your move run as smoothly as possible. With a great removals service comes a great move!

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