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Man And Van Removals - How To Get The Best Form Your Removal Service

Posted on 28Aug 2014

If you are thinking about using a man and van for your removals, then it can be an excellent idea. Man with a van services are very flexible, ensuring that you are able to get your job done no matter what time you need it, nor how long you need them for. In an ideal world, there would be little to worry about when working out how to get a van and man service going, but the fact of the matter is that there are various different things that you need to keep in mind before you take on a house removal with a removal van hire service.For a start, there are simply so many different problems that can come of finding the right company! The confusion alone can be debilitating, so you need to know exactly what you are after before you start out with trying to find the right service. Have a think about what you want form the service. Preferably a friendly van driver, who can help you with lifting and loading things in to the van, and also a decent price! The main thing to concern yourself with early on is that your house removal stays cheap, and this is going to have something to do with what type of man and van service you go for. As a start point, some man and van companies use a quote system for the whole job, whereas some will use an hourly rate as their base payment. The hourly rate will usually work out cheaper than a quote, but if you run in to traffic, then the price can go up whilst you are not getting anything done. Be sure that you are not at risk of getting in to this kind of trouble however, and you should be good to go! Simply do a little check of traffic reports in the areas that you are going to be traveling through, and have a think about what might affect you and how. Be sure to have everything ready at the curb side for loading, as this will reduce the time that the van is in use for, and things will immediately start to get cheaper. You need to be aware that using a man and van will usually be fine, but it can be dangerous, so take precautions. Always ensure that people know where you are and if you can, have a friend work the job with you. This will prevent any dodgy drivers making off with you or your belongings! Be aware that some deals on offer will have small print that refers to the more removals based side of things, where you find that the mover will charge extra for things like lifting and shifting, as well as fuel, or even the number of stairs that they have to climb! Be sure that you know the size of van that you need. A small van will fit a two seater sofa in lengthways, which makes it good for moving smaller items to self storage, but not great as a removal vehicle hire. You will find that you can get a lot in to a transit van however, especially a longer wheel base model. You can comfortably get a mid sized 1 bed flat in to a longer transit, and with clever packing, you can likely do better than that even! Talk to the man with a van and see what they think.

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