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Inventory and Checklist: A Must-Have in a Moving Out Day

Posted on 07Apr 2011

How do you go about ensuring yourself that all your things are safe and secure?  How do you ensure that all of your expensive possessions are well taken care of during the moving out, most especially when you have hired someone to do the packing and unloading?  Well, for most people, having the inventory before the actual packing activity and a checklist during the unloading would be the best answer to this. 
An inventory is like having a short list of all the things that you have packed and ready for transportation.  It actually summarizes all the things that you have as a possession and it guides you towards ensuring that things are properly accounted for.  The checklist on the other hand works just the same as the inventory only that the checklist is more functional during the crosschecking and validation of the inventory list. 
It is necessary that if you have hired someone to do the job of packing your things, the inventory and checklist are present and is made handy for both the movers and the people who are moving out. 
So, next time that you will be moving out, make sure that you have the inventory or the checklist ready and available. 

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