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Ideal Tips For Student Removals

Posted on 30Jan 2015

Students are renowned from requiring various forms of removal services throughout their University time or upon completion of their degree. Moving companies are often inundated with calls from students, looking either for van hire or removals and storage. Most students leaving halls of residence for a summer don’t want to have to lug their entire belongings home with them and then back again when the new term begins. That’s why so many opt for the man and van hire option, as this allows them the flexibility to transport their valuables to a self storage unit close to campus, not to mention the affordability of such a removal service!It might be hard to believe, but if you look back to when you were a student you might remember how much ‘stuff’ you managed to amass during your studies! Think of all those books students need, as well as bedding, a TV set, clothes and other personal items. But still, these items don’t warrant the need for a packing service or full removals and storage solutions by moving companies. Students are often looking for small removals services that are also cheaper!With the man and van service students can book the modern van and driver for just a couple of hours on their move out date. They can load it up with a friend and it will cost them a fraction of what hiring a full scale moving truck would. So many firms have cottoned on to the idea that students need cheap removals, which is why they are now tailoring their man with van service to students!Some students get even more of their money’s worth by sharing a removal van and storage space. So if you’re a student why not consider doing the same with your room or flat mate? The money you save on furniture removals could afford you a holiday somewhere sunny and warm during the summer recess!So what exactly does the man and van service offer? First of all find a company close to your University and that way the cost will work out cheaper, as you won’t be paying astronomical petrol costs for longer transportation. The closer the removal company and moving van to your location, the cheaper the price!  When you speak to the moving company remember to inform them that you are a student, as some may offer student discounts. Explain exactly what you need to be moved and to where and also call well in advance so the movers can facilitate your preferred moving date. If you do decide to share the removal van with a friend or friends inform the company beforehand as they will need to accommodate multiple drop off points in their final price. The great thing about the man and van service is that they charge by the hour; so don’t share a van with someone who lives miles out of your way. This won’t benefit you or your fellow students and will defeat the object of the man and van hire!There are certain points to look out for when doing your research. To find the right removal company for you, why not ask around campus to see if any of your friends have used the man and van option before. When ringing around for quotes, ask the company how long they’ve been operating and if they deliver student relocation services. Make sure the driver sent with the van has a qualified driving license and that the van is in good working condition!

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