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How To Safely Move Your Appliances Between Properties

Posted on 03Jan 2014

Moving house can give you enough to worry about without concerning yourself over accidental damages and breakages. Many people spend a lot of time making sure their electronic items, such as their television or computer, are safely prepared for their house move, but what about your small electronics? Although they might not be worth as much money, purchasing a new kettle or toaster can eat into your budget, and this is something that can be easily avoided! Have a look at this guide of handy hints and tips to help you pack up your household appliances safely and easily. -    Original packaging.By far the best way for you to ferry your appliances between properties is by using the original packaging. Original packaging has been designed to perfectly fit your appliance, offering a great level of protection no matter where it is you’re travelling too. Raid your garage and spare rooms to find all the spare boxes and packaging that you can find. If something’s a little too big then you can pad it out with bits and bobs you can find lying around your home. -    Budget packing.If you’re trying to watch how much you’re spending then there are plenty of ways in which you can pack up your appliances on a budget. Try finding second hand boxes from your local shops and pad them out with second-hand bubble wrap. Use a thick packing tape to make sure that these boxes are going to be strong enough for your purposes – don’t forget that second hand boxes have been used before, and they might not be as safe and secure as you might expect! Pay attention to what the box held before. A box manufactured to carry light snacks probably isn’t going to be suitable for carrying your heavy DVD player, so make your packing decisions wisely! -    Borrowing packing boxes.Ask friends and neighbours if they have anything you could use for packing – everything from under the bed storage boxes to plastic drawers to newspapers can be useful, and you’ll find that people are often more than helpful if it means you’re getting rid of old recycling for them! -    Items around your home.Your house is full of items that you can use to help safely transport your belongings between properties. Towels, bedding and sheets can all be used to wrap around your television, your computer monitor and even your telephone to make sure that nothing will get bumped, scratched or damaged during your house move. If you’re using newspapers or magazine as extra padding then make sure that there’s not going to be any ink transfer that could tarnish your belongings! -    Removal boxes.If you have the money then investing in removal boxes is definitely something to consider. Unlike second-hand boxes, removal boxes have been specifically manufactured to be able to hold heavy loads. You can find removal boxes in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit all of your appliances – try looking online or have a chat to your removal company to see if they can provide you with any. -    Packing materials.For those extra-special items you might not only want to invest in a removal box, but also in foam packing peanuts as well. Foam is a great insulator that more or less guaranteed to keep your belongings safe – if your budget can stretch this far then this is definitely something worth considering!

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