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How to Avoiding Injury During a Self Move

Posted on 20Sep 2013

Electing to move between properties yourself can be a great way to save money. If you do not have many possessions or are not travelling far, using your own transport or even renting transport can turn out to be much cheaper than a traditional removals firm. However, though the benefits are largely financial, there should be some important considerations with regards to your own personal health and wellbeing. This article will provide a number of health consideration, but if at any time you worry or are concerned for your health, consult a doctor immediately.      A bad back can be a truly debilitating problem. Without a healthy spine, you will find your life affected in a great number of ways. As such, your back should play a very important role in any health choices you make. When moving, you should be doing a lot to protect your back. With the amount of lifting, even lifting smaller and less heavy object, correct lifting procedure should be acknowledged at all times. Be sure to straighten your back when you lift and maintain a correct and proper posture. Bend your knees and allow your body to function as a natural lifting device. If at any time you feel strained or as though you are pushing yourself too far, stop and seek help.       An often overlooked problem is the availability of medical supplies during such a tumultuous time as moving house. Especially if people other than yourself are involved, make sure that a medical kit with essential pieces of medical equipment is on hand should the worst happen. A good kit should contain, among other things: plasters and bandages, anti-bacterial wipes, painkillers and adhesive tape. It is also a good idea to keep both emergency contact details and local doctor’s contact details to hand should anything go wrong.     When handling sharp objects, be sure to wear gloves at all times. The amount of sharp edges which you may encounter during a move might surprise you. Items which you might not consider to be dangerous might hold a sharp edge which is capable of hurting your lifting fingers. Likewise, some objects may shatter or smash, leaving you surrounded by a large number of newly sharp objects. A good thick set of gloves will keep your hands healthy and free from cuts and scratches.     In a similar vein, make sure to be wearing the correct footwear when conducting a lot of heavy lifting. Trainers, while comfortable, will not offer the protection for your feet from a piece of falling furniture. The best choice would be a large set of steel top capped boots, which are rugged and designed to repel the kinds of accidents created by tired fingers slipping on heavy possessions. If necessary, consider a change of footwear when driving, especially if you are unused to driving while wearing heavy boots.     If you suffer from asthma or any other respiratory condition, be sure to be wary of dust when moving. You could well be shifting items of furniture which have not moved more than a few millimetres in the last five years. Dust will be shifted and it may hinder your breathing and present a health risk. As such, a mask might be a good idea. Have your inhaler to hand and, if you have a known condition, make sure someone is on hand in case something tragic should occur.     The health risks presented during a move can be quite a concern. With the correct amount of care and diligence however, this can be overcome. The most important consideration is to never strain yourself and never take on a task bigger than your abilities. If at all concerned or worried, ask a friend to help out and halve the workload.

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