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Furniture Removals - Furniture That Doesn't Need To Go In The Removal Van

Posted on 21Mar 2014

While it's helpful that a removals van can take care of moving furniture, not all of it is going to fit in. Sure, you can pay double to have those excess items moved, but small furniture is best transported in the car.So what furniture can fit in the car without any hassle? It pays to know in advance certainly, especially as some items aren't that obvious.Featured below is a list of items that don't need to go in the removal van:1 - Coffee tablesProbably the most obvious initial candidate. Coffee tables sit wonderfully on the backseat of a car so place them there to begin with before utilising options elsewhere. 2 – TV and computer screensWhile we're in an era where TV screens are growing bigger and bigger, most television screens and computer screens can in fact sit easily in the boot of your average car. Protect such items with padding such as bubble wrap, or even old clothes, before pushing them to the back reaches of the space. 3 – StoolsEven larger stools can be placed horizontally at the rear of the boot, or even stacked horizontally on top of one another in the space. Should you have more than two stools however, you may well have to transport the seats over two separate trips.4 – The washing trolleyFirst of all, the washing trolley should be moved last since it's an ideal small-scale furniture, bag and box carrier worth utilising throughout the whole day. Since your man with a van will have departed already, you will need to place your washing trolley in your personal vehicle. This is easy though. Quite simply, all you need to do is compress the device together after taking the removable bag pouch compartment off. The naked washing trolley is so thin that it could even lie horizontally beneath such items as stools in your boot.5 – The portable mattressWhile regular bed mattresses are really heavy, portable mattresses by contrast are not. Conveniently, most of these bedding pads even fold in half easily. Should yours be capable of folding easily, simply push it firmly into the foot space behind the passenger's seat. 6 – The stereoEven if it's large, your stereo won't have to go in the removals van. In fact, it's better that it goes in the car since you'll want to retrieve it sooner most likely. 7 – Folding tablesBelieve it or not, most folding tables can fit in the boot, or across the back seat of your car. While larger tables may prove an exception, it pays to know that tables can often be folded, stacked and sat inside the car. The back seat should permit more stacking, though be careful not to obscure your rearview mirror's view. 8 – The freezerWhile its warmer refrigerating counterpart is too big for the car, the freezer will fit in your average automobile. Again, sit the freezer either in the boot or across the back seat. 9 – The washing machineBefore you earmark your clothes washer for the removals van, consider that it can actually fit across the back seat of your car. Similar to the freezer above, the washing machine's manageable shape permits it placement in your car. Ideally place it on the left side of the back seat, directly behind the passenger's seat.

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