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Downsizing Tips To Help When Moving House

Posted on 27Jun 2014

Often for a lot of people when moving house it may mean moving to a smaller home and downsizing. There are many reasons for relocating to a smaller place later in life, when the children have grown up and fled the nest, or you can’t manage the maintenance of a house that is too big. Whatever the motive, you will still need to pack up and move. Only with this type of move you are likely to have to get rid of a surplus amount of belongings to move. Here are some useful tips for the downsizing house relocation. 1. Take a look at your possessions and make a home removal plan When it comes to moving from a large property to a smaller house it is likely that a lot of your furniture isn’t going to fit. It is essential you measure items that you may want to keep to make sure they are going to fit. In addition take a good look at your belongings and decide what you really want to keep. There may be bits and pieces that you are not too bothered about and can get rid of them accordingly. 2. Start the preparation and sortingYou may be able to keep some pieces for your new place. But, it may also mean getting rid of a lot of oversized furniture that just isn’t going to fit in your new home. There is possible a lot of memorabilia that you will want to keep hold of. If you have room then that is great, other than that you are going to have to be very strict with yourself as to what you can keep and what needs to be gotten rid of. 3. Making the tough decision of what to keep and what is to goFirst it is likely that you have a certain amount of rubbish and junk that could be removed by a specialist clearance company who will recycle and dispose of. Then the rest you can either sell it using sources such as selling sites on the internet, advertising in local papers or car boot sales. You may know people who need some of your unwanted goods, so spread the word what is for sale. Charities are always in need so you could arrange a delivery or pick up of unwanted surplus. If you have taken the time to measure the area of your new home then you may be able to work out what size load will fit. 4. Alternative ways to keeping personnel belongingsIf you really want to keep hold of certain things then you could ask friends and family if they have any spare room you could rent off them. Or call your house removals company who can supply low cost storage units to suit individual needs. This type of storage space is an ideal solution and cheap, and can be hired for long or short term use. Your belongings will be safe, clean and well kept in rented storage units, and for ease you can enter the facilities when you want. 5. Prepare to pack and move onWhen you have sorted what you are keeping you can either hire a professional packing service to do the job for you. If you do it yourself you will need lots of boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap, newspaper and plastic sheets. Make a list of what you pack as you go. Label everything with your new address and what is in the box. It will help make unpacking easier. Make sure it is taped securely with good quality tape.

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